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Kiln Alignments

A-C Equipment’s Kiln Alignment services help ensure your rotary kiln remains in service while reducing the potential for costly repair or maintenance down the road.

High rotary kiln availability depends on correct kiln geometry. Changes caused by foundation settlement, uneven wear or incorrect repairs can lead to overloading of individual components and can result in serious damage and loss of production. A-C Equipment Services’ onsite Kiln Alignment program eliminate these risks. Our highly trained field advisors are capable of performing both traditional and computer-assisted POLSCAN kiln alignments.

POLSCAN Computer Assisted Kiln Alignments

Our POLSCAN service is a high-precision optical, electronic measuring system that measures rotary kilns quickly, precisely and without interrupting the kiln’s operations. The POLSCAN process uses three optimally harmonized measuring processes.

POLSCAN is used to determine:

  • Rotary Kiln Axis
  • Kiln Shell Deformation
  • Kiln Shell Ovality

Immediately after the POLSCAN measurements have been completed, the documentation, consisting of record sheets containing all of the required information, is printed and discussed.

Kiln Alignment Scheduling

Kiln alignments should be performed annually or whenever any of these criteria are demonstrated:

  • Overheating bearings
  • Cracks in the kiln shell
  • Refractory lining problems
  • Tires lifting off the support rollers
  • Foundation Settlement
  • Temporary or permanent knocking or vibrations
  • Serious deformations of the kiln shell
  • Excessive radial run-out at the kiln inlet, outlet or mid-span locations